For Individuals and Business Leaders who want to Build Resilience and Create Success

Would you not want to be equipped with the mindset and strategy to emerge successfully both as an individual in a personal setting, but also as a business leader wherever you are on your journey or situation you are in?

  • Mindset

    Build and ensure a steady, reliable mindset no matter how bad it gets, but also grab those opportunities that you are missing out on. Move from theory and apply practical, ground level tools that will help shift your thinking to unlock your potential in the areas you need it most - personal life, business.

  • True North

    Assess your unique vulnerabilities in the most important areas of yourself personally and within a business setting as a leader. Use simple practices to ground yourself in 4 core areas and set the stage for confident decision making.

  • Blueprint

    Create a tiered blueprint for your personal resilience and success, as well as for you as a business leader to "lead for resilience", for creating teams that are resilient. Ultimately you have a robust route map to become fearless, unstoppable and unshakeable for you personally, and as a business leader

Session 1: Essence of Personal Resilience: Key Outcomes

  • Leverage and navigate the personal resilience True North framework

  • Unleash your own resilience. Become fearless

  • Transition from fixed mindset to growth-oriented mindset of resilience and success

  • Tools: Using Values and Visualisation to Build Resilience; Build Your Personal Resilience Routemap Illustration

Session 2: Core Elements: How to Build Resilience: Key Outcomes

  • Raise your resilience and grit maturity levels. Build your way to become unshakeable, unstoppable and fearless - what ever the challenge or opportunity in front of you!

  • Monitor, calibrate, and regulate emotions. Care for your body to build your mind

  • Learn meaning of purpose, your inner compass and why it is important

  • Tools: Embrace and Manage Change; Growth mindset routemap; build Emotional Awareness and EQ; Establish Boundaries; Self-care and Time Management; Routemap to purpose; Self-Awareness and Values Alignment Journal

Session 3: Shift Your Thinking and Power: Ultimate Success Mindset: Key Outcomes

  • Move from a place of scarcity and fear. Stay in the present, and fuel your resilience

  • Move to abundance and confidence. Invoke your personal and business compass

  • Build strength via power and science of gratitude. Build your mind for personal and business

  • Tools: Route-map and Ultimate Blueprint for Success Mindset - Personal and Business

Session 4: Resilience in the workplace: Leading and Teams: Key Outcomes

  • Learn characteristics of a resilient organisation. Learn how to build leader capacity and capability

  • Navigate VUCA, BANI & all forms of disruption - positive or negative coming from internal or external forces. Create atmosphere of withstanding resilience

  • Learn a new method on how lead in crisis - Be the best and authoritative leader, in any capacity - as an individual, dept head, executive or board member

  • Apply your True North for "Leading for Resilience" and for "Teams"

  • Tools: Leaders’ Blueprint for Invoking and Establishing Resilience; Innovative way to Managing-Leading any form of Crisis; Team Resilience Framework and Guide

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Build Resilience at a Personal Level and in the Professional Business Setting

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Unshakeable Resilience Course Curriculum

    1. Generating Interest and Benefit

    2. Chapter 0_Introduction and Goals Chapter Illustration

    3. Video 1-Introduction and Goals Part I

    4. Chapter 0_Introduction and Goals

    5. Video 2-Introduction and Goals Part II

    1. Chapter 1_Introduction Personal Resilience.ChapterOutcome

    2. Video 3-Chapter 1 Personal Resilience Intro

    3. Video 4-Chapter 1 Personal Resilience. Lesson 1-2

    4. Chapter 1_Introduction Personal Resilience

    5. Chapter 1_Lesson_1 Personal Resilience_Having a Fixed Mindset

    6. Chapter 1_Lesson_2 Personal Resilience.Unlock Your Growth Mindset

    7. Chapter 1_Tools: Strengthen Personal Resilience and Routemap

    1. Chapter 2_Introduction Core Elements to Build UR mindset.ChapterOutcome

    2. Video 5-Chapter 2 The 4 Core Elements. Lessons 1-2-3-4

    3. Chapter 2_Introduction Core Elements to Build Unshakeable Resilient mindset

    4. Chapter 2_Lesson_1 Core Elements.Mental Endurance

    5. Chapter 2_Lesson_1 Tools Core Elements.Mental Endurance

    6. Chapter 2_Lesson_2 Core Elements.Building Emotional AcuityStrength

    7. Chapter 2_Lesson_2 Tools Core Elements.Building Emotional AcuityStrength

    8. Chapter 2_Lesson_3 Core Elements. Physical Endurance

    9. Chapter 2_Lesson_3 Tools Core Elements. Physical Endurance

    10. Chapter 2_Lesson_4 Core Elements.Purpose

    11. Chapter 2_Lesson_4 Tools Core Elements.Purpose

    1. Chapter 3_Lesson_1 Success Mindset.Concept.ChapterOutcome

    2. Video 6-Chapter 3 Success MindsetMainLesson1

    3. Chapter 3_Lesson_1 Success Mindset.Concept

    4. Chapter 3_Lesson_1 Tool Success Mindset.Concept

    5. Video 6-Chapter 3 Success Mindset.Lessons 1-2

    6. Chapter 3_Lesson_2 Success Mindset.Mindfulness

    7. Chapter 3_Lesson_2 Tool Success Mindset.Mindfulness

    1. Chapter 4_Intro_Resilience in the Business Workplace.ChapterOutcome

    2. Video 7-Chapter 4 Resilience in the Business Workplace Lessons 1-2

    3. Chapter 4_Intro_Resilience in the Business Workplace

    4. Chapter 4_Lesson_1 Resilience in the Business Workplace.Leading

    5. Chapter 4_Lesson_1 Tool Resilience in the Business Workplace.Leading

    6. Chapter 4_Lesson_2 Resilience in the Business Workplace.Teaming

    7. Chapter 4_Lesson_2 Tool Resilience in the Business Workplace.Teaming

    1. Chapter 5_Congratulations

Highlights of Course

  • 38 lessons
  • Combination of Written Lessons, Videos, Tools and Illustrations
  • 4 Pillars and 4 Comprehensive Sessions
  • 14 Key Tools and Master Blueprint for both Personal and Business Setting

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    Follow the lessons in a coaching alike mode and apply a range of unique tools to zero in on a particular area of focus or address all interconnected component. More tools will be available as you engage to help you grow even further Valued at $750.00

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    In addition to the lesson material, the tools you will be invited to group sessions to support your learning journey. Valued at $540.00

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Your Coach and Instructor

With over 25 years internationally leading and personally developing individuals, business leaders and teams in diverse situations, Steven has created multiple programs that enables people and leaders to shift their mindset and help them succeed personally and professionally. He is a master business leader, personal and leadership business coach, an author of several published books, and well sought out keynote speaker. Having developed, coached, and guided individuals and leaders for personal growth and for business leadership executive and board, Steven knows what it’s like to respond to challenge and opportunities at diverse levels. Leveraging his own experience and navigation of personal crisis, loss, career transition, and challenges and opportunities, he has leveraged this to grow and build resilient people at a personal and business leader perspective. Many individuals continue to seek him for guidance because of his unique game-plan that resulted in making individuals stronger for any situation, but also building best leaders and saving the company and allowing it to thrive in tough economy. In the Unshakeable Resilience program, Steven wants to equip you with the mindset and strategy to emerge successfully both as an individual in a personal setting, but also as a leader wherever you are on your journey. With education from Harvard, and the Institute of Directors as well as a host of qualifications, Steven brings a unique and innovative perspective with effective strategies that enables individuals and leaders to be motivated at a deeper both at the personal level and in a business setting that enables them to take ownership and incorporate a new concept of into their lives and mindset Register Now!

Steven Paul

Leader, Coach and Senior Instructor


““Amazing! I just finished Unshakeable Resilience and it was incredible. I was able to delve deeper into the areas I wanted, and now I personally feel less stressful, well-informed mentally, and more prepared to move forward in my personal life. Having done all the sessions and the tools provided, I feel even more confident and even a shift in my mindset. This was previously theory to me, and I was sceptical but by following the steps, this program brings it to life, and I even have my own personal blueprint to follow! I feel reenergised!” —Phil S, Talent Acquisition ”

““Fascinating. The Unshakable Resilience Program was truly exceptional. For both my personal needs and for my business! Not only did it remove my own limiting beliefs, but it gave a me personal plan to deal with situations in a more practical approach and become more prepared within my business and teams. It was amazing how all the interconnected parts helped my thinking and flow of mind as I completed the chapter sessions and tools. With the blueprint, I can communicate effectively with my team and leadership on a level they will understand whilst applying these unique ways. Ultimately – great productivity, preparedness, customer effectiveness and an opportunity to grow our teams, business and leadership with mindset!” --Ivana D - MD and Board Chair ”